7 Best Agreement Templates

1- Purchase Agreement Template

Purchase agreement is a written evidence or contract between in which both partiesbuyer and seller agreed on the specific price to purchase and sell the goods and the format which is used to prepare is called Purchase Agreement Template. Both parties agreed on a specific rate that is mention in purchase agreement. Purchase agreement template also contains the payment method, payment in cash form it’s also included the quantity of goods and mention that which type of product is purchase. Purchase agreement having the …………….. More?

2- Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Non disclosure agreement is also called confidential or secret agreement. Parties of agreement having secret information, material and confidential data and describe that information with each other but doesn’t want to disclose to third parties and the format which is used to prepare is called Non Disclosure Agreement Template. Both parties making contract and show their mutual consent that none of them leak or disclose that information to other. It also held between two companies that are merged and agreed on that no one disclose that secret information of company and also hide …………… More?

3- Service Agreement Template

Service means someone doing or helped to someone to complete his work against the specified amount according to his profession. Services agreements in which one party agree to provide his service to demanding party against a specific or fixed remuneration or fees and the format which is used to prepare this agreement is called Service agreement template. In which include service of lawyer, teacher that are agreed to fulfill their services against their fees per month or that is specified in contract. It’s include any type……………..More?

4- Tenancy Agreement Template

Tenancy agreement in which owner, landlord of the property agree to give his property to other party for use against the some fixed rent for a specified period and the format which is used to prepare is called Tenancy Agreement Template. The link that is created between owner and the user of the property is called tenancy.  The consideration against use of property is called rent. It’s on the owner if property is expired in future than he want to transfer is possession to user after completion of the tenancy period…………..More?

5- Lease Agreement Template

Lease mean that one party given property, land etc to other party against the rent for specific time period. Lease agreement in written form in which owner of the property transfer the temporary possession to other party and the format is which is used to prepare is called Lease Agreement Template. In which owner person is lessee and other is lesser. Lessee is the person who received property for use and the lesser is the owner of the property…….More?

6- Rental Agreement Template

Rent is the payment that is given by one party to other against use of property. Rental agreement is that which is prepared with two parties in which party agrees to pay a certain amount during the described period and the format which is used to prepare is called Rental Agreement Template. Rent amount is fixed and time period use of assets is also determined. In which agreement both parties also describe the type of assets, like tangible or intangible, tangible is land building and intangible is patent, right etc. Payment method is also mention………More?

7- Loan Agreement Template

Loan agreement is that in which one party agree to pay a specific amount to other party for a specific time period and the format which is used to prepare is called loan agreement template. This agreement mostly held between financial institute like bank and then person who want to take amount. Total amount is mentioned in the contract that is given, and also defines the monthly or annual interest rate that is charged on given amount. Repayment method is also described, installment also determined in loan agreement……………More?

Ticket Invitation Template

A ticket invitation is a small printed card of attractive sheet of paper which you can use as an invitation to invite people on some exciting events. Here’re several purposes when you can use a ticket invitation i.e. for fundraising events, for musical concert, for some launch event, for casual club parties, for private gatherings etc. Basically, the ticket invitation will give the holder a certain rights to join the gathering after showing the ticket. No doubt, a ticket will give especial privilege to the holder to enter in a place of event. No matter, you want to use a ticket invitation for upcoming prom party or a charity event organized for fundraising. Here the ticket will allow the holders of ticket to enter in a place and will make sure that the entry for rest of the people will be forbidden. It’s a fact; your ticket invitation will be served as a most important aspect of your event.

Here your ticket invitation will not only give a professional look to your event but also sets the mood & theme of party. However, the ticket invitation will gives guests some idea about the theme and activities of upcoming event which they’re expecting to join. No two ways about, a ticket invitation may slightly serve as a growing trend. Yes! Nowadays mostly people prefer to have a ticket invitation for their events rather than other kind of usual invitations. Here we are offering you to download our format of ticket invitation which looks like a real ticket where you can put details of your event. You can open the most appealing format of ticket invitation using the good graphics program on your computer especially in MS word which allows you to customize our ticket-style invitation using different color schemes, themes, designs, background, fonts, frames and looks.

Training Certificate Template

A training certificate will be issued by the company, institute or organization where from individual was getting training. Basically a certificate of training will officially shows that a person who was attending the sessions of training now eligible to call as a master. Yeah! If you’re getting training in something from some institute than for sure after completing the course or program you will get a legal certificate which will certified the facts related to the milestones of training. It’s a fact; the certificate of training maybe looks diverse in different situations regarding to the approach or criteria of certain profession.

Seemingly, the employees training certificate will be differ than students training certificate. Whereas, the vital purpose of having this certificate is to show your productiveness with prove, although this certificate will ensure that you have met all the requirements those were the criteria of training as well as the demand of trainer. Thus, this training certificate will help the job seekers to attach it with their resume & show to the employer how effective professional skills they’re having. Nonetheless, if you’re actually serious about your career then you must continue to learn about new things via attending the sessions of training. However, the training sessions will provide you an effective way to stay-up-to-date with changing things of your professional filed.

Share Certificate Template

A share certificate is a significant document which uses to show the shareholder’s of company about their actual ownership in a corporation. Well, this certificate of ownership will record the facts regarding to the shares of someone in a certain corporation. Unless other things, this precise document will include a bit of stuff, such as; this document will states how many shares of company a person may own, name of recipient, percentage of shares in a company, authority of person against the amount of shares, actual trading value of shares, date of purchase, info of shareholder, info of company, authorized signature, company’s stamp, etc.

No two ways about, a registered copy of share’s certificate will allow the shareholder to show his/her authority in a company, yes! This certificate will legally prove that someone is the real owner of company against number or set percentage of shares. Having said that, a share certificate means the shareholders have rights to give his/her opinion in shareholder’s meeting, he/she has rights to vote for decision making in the meeting of shareholder’s. In general scenario, we can say that it’s the only proof which shows that an individual person is the owner of a certain amount of shares in a company.

No Objection Certificate Template

A no objection certificate is a popular example of certificate which effectively use in business or professional level. Thus, “NOC” is the short written form of this certificate which actually abbreviated as no objection certificate. Thus, as we can assume that this is a formal written document which record the facts related to the approach of objection or no objections. However, it’s a simple type of legal document that always issued by the governmental/private agency, organization, institute or department recording the statement of no objection about something like a offer, deal, trade, program, piracy, launch & even more.

This certificate is what its name actually means that, although this will ensure that someone has fully rights to do something under the statement of law without the worries of objection from XYZ department of state. Predominantly, it’s the requirement of state’s law to get the permission & license from government institutes before starting something. Almost certainly, a no objection certificate will help you to express you or your company has legal rights to do acts under the specified limits mentioned on an aforesaid certificate by the law protected authorities. Other than that, in this article I’m offering you to download a professional looking template of no objection certificate which assist you to easily download & customize it by including the name & other stuff using MS WORD.

Certificate of Merit Template

A merit certificate is a sort of official paper which generate by the institute when someone come on a merit set by the institute for specific course study. Basically, it given by the institute to the person who has successfully completed his course-study or training program within the criteria of consolidated merit. Well, this is a certificate which mostly prepared in educational institutes, yes! The management of institution will choose particular students who gain incredible score within the set of terms. In like manner this certificate will also recognize as a reward of best performance.

However, a merit certificate will proof someone has charm to fulfillment the requirements of institute with their abilities, skills & brilliance. Here in this article you’ll see the snap shot of our well-designed template of merit certificate. Thus, if you want to prepare a merit certificate using your own expertise, then here from our website you can download a template which perfectly suits with your requirements. After download the template, all you need to do simply open it in MS word in order to customize with further details, & then you can take a colored print directly through printer. Thankfully our templates are their own unique designs while other websites may put the pressure on users to find the right template with intuitive design, undoubtedly our template will allow you to print it on special paper.

Medical Certificate Template

The document issued by the medical professional is called a medical certificate. Well, a medical certificate is an official document which will always generate by the physician/doctor or person who dealing with patient as a medical person. Basically, this certificate will meant to state that a person has gone through some medical examination under the observation of physician. Thus, in professional life it’ll always necessary for the employees to show a proof if they want to get a leave from work. Seemingly, in educational institutes the students will also ask by the authority to show a valid medical certificate which records the facts of their medical condition.

In like manner, this simple certificate will usually used to serve as a proof of medical situation, yeah! It’ll explain how a person is unfit to work for stated period of time. Apart of this, medical certificate is usually noted as a well drafted document that also known as a printed sheet of form where the physician will include a bit of stuff, for instance; details of patient, title of healthcare clinic, name of doctor, details of diagnostic illness, address of physician, date of examination, current health condition, precautions for patient, signature of doctor, stamp of clinic/hospital, & a statement by the physician to certify the actual health condition of patient.

Free Gift Certificate Templates

It’s a fact, when we’ve required presenting our friends, family, boss, colleagues, bosom buddies, kids, or spouse with a precious gift than we always think what we give them when they already have everything. Well, to be frankly speaking it’s impossible to decide the perfect gift which fit with needs of others, so here gift certificates will allow you to gift your loved ones with a precise sort of handsome looking certificate which surly will be acceptable for them as well as fit with your pocket. No doubt, gift certificates will always served you as a popular option for giving gifts to anyone on any occasion.

Thus, here from our website you can simply download a prefabricated template of gift certificate. In like manner, while using this template you’ll be able to make gift certificates for personal and business use. However, our gift template offers you with state-of-the-art free professional samples of gift certificates which you can simply choose as per your convenient. Thankfully, for using our template you don’t need to install any extra software, all you’ve required to download the template, open in MS word, fill with your information, print directly through printer, & present to the one you willing to gift him/her with professional certificate on upcoming/ongoing occasion.

Certificate of Origin Template

The certificate of origin is used by companies when they’re all set to ship their products or services across the borders. Well, this certificate will be issued by the trade departments of state exclusively as a letter of permission which explain that someone has authority to trade with foreign companies for the sake of exporting or importing any goods and products within the criteria of law. Unless other things, this certificate will clearly certify that a certain company has legal rights to export or import products from foreign companies under the settled terms.

However, we can say that a certificate of origin is a formal written document which used for resolve the matters of international trades. To all appearance, the vital purpose of this certificate is to ensure that something importing or exporting from some other state has been manufactured, produced or processes by XYZ country. In like manner, this is thoroughly indicated that certificate of origin will certify the country where goods are actually produced. So, if you want to have a printable certificate of origin, then here from our website you can simply download it without paying a single penny.

Certificate of Honor Template

A certificate of honor is a unique sort of handsome looking certificate which presented to the individual in specific field or area for the sake of appreciating his/her performance. Well, it can also call as a confirmation certificate that thoroughly looks precise & award as honor to ground the great work, efforts & achievements of someone in selected field. To all appearance, whenever someone has gone above and beyond their duties which helped others above the criteria of mankind, humanity, society, or company then it’s the responsibility of people to present the individual with this certificate.

In fact, people can use this certificate to allow the honorable person to be proud on their skills, efforts & work. Seemingly, this certificate will help the individuals to say some beautiful words of thanks on the ground efforts of someone who has worked without the greed of fame. More or less, here from our website you’ll get a chance to download your favorite certificate templates those are available at free of cost. In like manner, without taking away you, here too many options are available as per your convenient.