Annual Report Template

These reports contain information on the basis of annual performance. It can be any type of annual report like student annual report, teacher’s annual report and business annual report etc. annual reports give the all details of specific data on the annual basis. These reports are very helpful for evaluation of annually performance and benefits or losses. Employer can take decisions on the basis of such reports by matching it with predefined standards. These reports are also helpful in future decisions. These reports play very important role in process of auditing. Auditor specially checks such reports.
It is a comprehensive report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year. It gives you information about the company’s activities and financial performance to the shareholders and other interested people. Usually annual reports have following content: general cooperate information, operating and financial review, director’s report, corporate governance information, chairperson’s statement, auditor’s report, content, financial statements, notes to the financial statement, accounting policies and other features. Information relevant to stakeholders may also be included. Its information is useful for the investors to understand the company’s financial position and future direction. Graphs or charts can be included to make it more understandable
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