Sales Agreement Template

Sales means a person transfer the rights, ownership and possession of his property to other person against a certain amount of money that is decided before the sale. And all the terms and condition that is decided between buyer and seller before the sale are called contract. The terms and condition include following point, seller describe the goods and property that want to transfer to buyer, amount of the property is decided that is charged to buyer, both parties consent

Employment Agreement Template

Employment agreement is generated between the employer and the employee before the hiring in an organization and the format which is used to prepare is called Employment Agreement Template. Employee agreement template contains the duties of the employee that is hired, responsibility of employer or right of employee, wages or remuneration is also described, duty hours and other facilities described that are given to employee during working hours. In which employment agreement template explains the medical expense bear by the

Finance Agreement Template

Finance mean taking or generating funding for person or any type of business that is initially start or that business is face the financial crisis. A finance agreement having specific content in which explain how a business finances his project to established his business and the format which is used to prepare is called Finance Agreement Template. It is created between a financial institute and the borrower. In which financial institute or any bank agree to finance the project of

Consignment Agreement Template

A Consignment agreement template means one person dispatch the goods to other person for selling these goods to general public against a described remuneration and the format which is used to prepare is called Consignment Agreement Template. In consignment, one party agree to sell the goods on the instruction of the owner of goods up to contract price. If he sale the goods more than the actual price than percentage of the profit also mentioned in contract. Ownership remains with

Partnership Agreement Template

A Partnership agreement template mean when two are more person put an amount of capital in business with a equal amount and share the profit with describe ratio and also responsible for loss and the format which is used to prepare is called partnership agreement template. In which both person may or may not be take I part actively in business activity. All the instruction and condition of contract is mentioned in partnership agreement template. In partnership agreement also explains

Loan Agreement Template

A Loan agreement template is that in which one party agree to pay a specific amount to other party for a specific time period and the format which is used to prepare is called loan agreement template. This agreement mostly held between financial institute like bank and then person who want to take amount. Total amount is mentioned in the contract that is given, and also defines the monthly or annual interest rate that is charged on given amount. Repayment

Confidential Agreement Template

A Confidential agreement template is also called secret agreement. In which two or more than two parties decide to hide their secret information, data, transactions or other type of information form competitor or other 23rd party and the format which is used to prepare is called Confidential Agreement Template. That type of confidential agreement template is established between merged companies to maintain their secrecy form other competitor companies. Also mention the right and liabilities of both parties. Time period also

Rental Agreement Template

Rent is the payment that is given by one party to other against use of property. Rental agreement is that which is prepared with two parties in which party agrees to pay a certain amount during the described period and the format which is used to prepare is called Rental Agreement Template. Rent amount is fixed and time period use of assets is also determined. In which agreement both parties also describe the type of assets, like tangible or intangible,

Lease Agreement Template

Lease mean that one party given property, land etc to other party against the rent for specific time period. Lease agreement in written form in which owner of the property transfer the temporary possession to other party and the format is which is used to prepare is called Lease Agreement Template. In which owner person is lessee and other is lesser. Lessee is the person who received property for use and the lesser is the owner of the property. Time

Tenancy Agreement Template

A Tenancy agreement template in which owner, landlord of the property agree to give his property to other party for use against the some fixed rent for a specified period and the format which is used to prepare is called Tenancy Agreement Template. The link that is created between owner and the user of the property is called tenancy.  The consideration against use of property is called rent. It’s on the owner if property is expired in future than he