Services Agreement Template

Service means someone doing or helped to someone to complete his work against the specified amount according to his profession. Services agreements in which one party agree to provide his service to demanding party against a specific or fixed remuneration or fees and the format which is used to prepare this agreement is called Service agreement template. In which include service of lawyer, teacher that are agreed to fulfill their services against their fees per month or that is specified

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

A Non disclosure agreement template is also called confidential or secret agreement. Parties of agreement having secret information, material and confidential data and describe that information with each other but doesn’t want to disclose to third parties and the format which is used to prepare is called Non Disclosure Agreement Template. Both parties making contract and show their mutual consent that none of them leak or disclose that information to other. It also held between two companies that are merged

Purchase Agreement Template

Purchase agreement is a written evidence or contract between in which both parties’ buyer and seller agreed on the specific price to purchase and sell the goods and the format which is used to prepare is called Purchase Agreement Template. Both parties agreed on a specific rate that is mention in purchase agreement. Purchase agreement template also contains the payment method, payment in cash form it’s also included the quantity of goods and mention that which type of product is