Bank Reconciliation Template

A Bank reconciliation used to compare the accounting record of the business with the record of bank statement. It may be compare at the end of every month. In which compare the cheque issued during the month and receive during the month. Result of the comparing of accounting record and bank statement is UN credited UN presented cheque. In which every transaction of the business compare with bank statement, and verify that which transaction create difference and adjustment should be

Job Estimation Template

A Job Estimation means the calculation, forecasting, position or value of something. The process of job estimation is the process in which top level management evaluate the number of jobs or evaluate the position or evaluate the strength of employees or required in an organization in different department. After evaluation management decided the qualification of the person until a applicant describe along with the experience. In this process management differentiates the jobs by department, it mean how many worker are

Purchase Order Template

A Purchase order template is a document that contains the order to purchase different type of item. It is used in many organization that is filed by department who required different type of things like table accessories etc. the content of purchase including the items that is required by department, number of items required, size of items along with the per piece or per item price or average price is mentioned. Purchase order is submitted by the demanded department along

Food Journal Template

A Food journal template is the record book about the customer generally maintaining by an individual having all record about food and drink that is consumed by a particular person during a specified time period. Food journal may be in written type or maintaining online keeping record about that what is going in your body in described period and its also have the diet plan when and what a person taking and what is banned for his body. Its help

Press Release Template

Press release is a official gathering in which a person or government member give an important information or evidence to news paper about any incident that is happened before that press release and the format which is used to prepare is called press release template. Press release template may be the announcement of any event, or event starting date, or announce any type of information’s issued to news paper. In which press release member of media or news paper are

Photo Album Template

Photo album is the copy or book having that is containing or having a collection of photographs and the format which is used to prepare is called photo album template. That book having envelop or consisting on blank pages or pockets which is used for the displaying the photos. The pocket or envelop is already in the album. Photo album template mostly used for storage of memorable tours pictures or any memorable ceremony like marriage photos and that person watch

Gift Box Template

A gift is communicating or presents the feeling, thinking and thoughts more than the gift actual are. Gift box is that in which gift put and dispatch to recipient along with the address that is wrote on the box and the format which is used to prepare is called gift box template. Gift box template may be the beautiful wrapper binding with the colored paper putting gift in it and packed it with different style. Gift box template also add

Publisher Template

Publisher means any individual, corporation institute, or any organization that is responsible for printing or distribution of printed publications and the format which is used to prepare is called publish template. It handles the marketing material. Material mean the value for audience including copy of printed document want to show to general public. Publisher template material includes the information that is printed, this information should be verify of checked or evaluate before printed it and also published material is authenticate

General Ledger Template

A general ledger is book of any entries or accounts that having the lists of that organization expenses, assets, liabilities income. In now days this is maintain through different type of software like ERP oracle peach tree DAE accounting quick books etc. the list of assets and liability called charts of account in which all items arranged according to assets and liabilities expense etc. in which records all journal entries day to day according to date wise. That is help

Restaurant Menu Templates

Restaurant menu is the list of dishes meals that is served or can b ordered in any restaurant along with the rate on which that is provided in a restaurant and the format which is used to prepare is called restaurant menu templates. Restaurants Menus contains different types of foods that are served in the restaurant. Every restaurant contains its own menu. It is the presentation of food that is selected by the customers. Restaurant menu set the tone of