Employee Card Template

An Employee card template issued to permanent employee of any organization that having the name of employee along with the contact number of employee and also having the permanent address of the employee. An Employee card template issued to employee on 1st day of working in any organization. Employee card also contain the information about the employee work, job description along with the job designation is printed on employee card. Date of joining is also mentioned on the employee card

Well Wisher Card Template

A Well wisher card template includes different card that are posted by an individual to his family, friends or relative on some specified occasions. Mostly people wish to couple on his wedding anniversary and wish them for happy life in future and express feeling about couple like he is the best couple in the world. It includes the card of greeting, valentine day cards, friendship or birthday cards, all of them send on special events. These called is a easy

Valentine Day Card Template

A Valentine day is celebrated on 14 February in all countries some of them having holiday but mostly having working day. Valentine’s day card template in which an individual express is love feeling about loved one. The sentiment that are express in valentine day card an individual proposed his loved one and show is expression about marriage. A Valentine card template post printed and it is available on every place on 14th February. It can be post putting in envelop.

Friendship Card Template

Friendship mean is the in inexpressible thought about someone. Friendship card template is that, in which writer or person who post this card invite to someone for the friendship. Friendship card exist on card along with cover some of the friendship sentiment already printed on the card and a space is available for writer to express his feeling about friend and invite for friendship and post in with putting into envelop. Post printed friendship cards are also available in the

Anniversary Card Template

An Anniversary is the date on which an event I held or an event is took place in any previous year of an individual or a couple. The anniversary card template posted to friends on their wedding anniversary that are containing the well wishes, greeting expression for the couple on the specified day. Anniversary may be for the institute or for the country on which in previous years was founded. Anniversary card are posted anywhere in the world people express

Birthday Card Template

A Birthday card template is used to express feeling or greeting on birthday of friends or relatives. In which sender express his feeling like: happy birthday, and wishes to spend other life happily. Most of the post printed card having that type of sentiment, which is already, engraves on the cards. People mostly send any gift along with the birth day card to his friends. Birth day cards available in markets that are specially designed for that occasion. A birthday

Greeting Card Template

A Greeting card template mostly used to send good wishes, or having the good sentiment or congratulation to recipient on the special event. It mostly using for good friendship, having other beautiful expression for the recipient. Greeting card template is post printed and one part or single inside the cover is provided to express the desired feeling about the recipient and it is dispatch in envelop to send anywhere in the world to friends relatives’ and family. Different type of

Postcard Template

A postcard that used sending message that is through post and this card is without any envelop. A postcard template that is printed and having space on his one side for witting the address and having a postage stamp normally used for small or short message. A Postcard template is post printed and having space for address and message and it is less costly method for post a message to friends and relatives. Mostly countries having post card that are

Thank You Card Template

Thank you card template having the ‘thank you; printed on the front of the card that is used to express feeling about the person who give you gift, services or any type of opportunity, it may be the job opportunity. Printed word thank you already exist but that person show there feeling and express it with hand writing on it. Normally person who want to say thank you for their help by face to face and these cards are available

Recipe Card Template

A recipe card template describes the list of all ingredients that is normally used to preparing the dishes or recipe in restaurant or at home. It use especially for preparing foods. It has the set of instruction that is used to making different food and what the element is used in that dish, And also having the quantity of each ingredient that is used in dish. Recipe card template help full those person who are making foods or dishes 1st