Purchase Contract Template

A Purchase contract template is written agreement, come into existence between buyer and seller in which one person purchase property or any type of goods against a specified amount. Contract having the personal information about both parties it may be exist between a company and the any other manufacturer. Buyer can take the possession of goods and property, amount of property and rate of item is fixed in contract. In which also explain that which person pay the freight expense

Job Contract Template

Job means an individual doing work in an organization like company and take a fixed amount against their service. Job contract come in to existence between employer and the job holder or any individual. Job contract having the terms and conditions that are settle between employee and the employer. In which describe the job description of any employee or describe the post for which he is selected, decided the amount that is given to employee after a month along with

Rental Contract Template

A Rental contract template come into existence when one party give his property to use for a specified time period and charged rent on monthly or annual basis. A Rental contract is the written agreement between both parties, owner of the property don’t transfer the owner ship but only transfer possession to that for use. Time period decided for the property used along with amount of rent is decided that can b charged from the party against the use of

Sale Contract Template

Sale contract template means a person transfer the rights, ownership and possession of his property to other person against a certain amount of money that is decided before the sale and when it comes into an agreement then it called sales contract. And all the terms and condition that is decided between buyer and seller before the sale are called contract. The terms and condition include following point, seller describe the goods and property that want to transfer to buyer,

Employment Contract Template

An Employment contract template is held or created between the employer and the employee before the hiring in an organization. Employee agreement contain the duties of an employee that is hired, responsibility of employer or right of employee, wages or remuneration is also described, duty hours and other facilities described that are given to employee during working hours. In which employment agreement explains the medical expense bear by the organization or not. Employee consent on all condition is taken forcefully,

Lease Contract Template

A Lease contract template is a agreement that is created between the owner of property called the lesser and person who use the asset for a fixed period is called lessee. In return lesser or owner of the property take rent or lease amount during a specified time period. In which temporary possession is transfer by the owner of property to the user of property. A Lease contract having terms in which include lessee pay a specified and fixed amount