Business Invoice Templates

A business invoice template is a nonnegotiable commercial document that is given by a seller to a purchaser. The document is used to itemize the transaction between a seller and purchaser. Invoicing is an often boring but it is essential part of growing your business. In case if the products or services were purchased on credit, then the invoice is used to clarify the terms of deals and also provide information on the available method of payment. A business invoice

Blank Receipt Template

A blank receipt template is a piece of document that states the details for various items or services that have been obtained or benefited from. It is an authentic record that goes about as a proof that an installment has been received for the trading of a few products or administrations. A blank receipt can also calculate the grand total for all of the items or services that are going to be availed at some particular merchandise. Issuing a blank

Purchase Invoice Template

A document that is receives by an individual or company when he purchases the goods from other person or company containing the information what has been purchased on what rate along with the amount that is charged. Purchase invoice also indicate how the payment is made and the time period is defined until the payment is made to seller form the buyer. A Purchase invoice indicate the Name of the purchaser whom to payment made along with the seller name.

General Invoice Template

General invoice is manuals written document used by seller to claim the amount of sale. This type of invoice is normally use by whole seller or retailer. General invoice consist of single sheet having detail of goods that is purchased by the customers this type of invoice normally issued on counter payment. Sale invoice contain the rate that is mention on the product tag, this type of invoice mostly used in small business that don’t able to used software to

Blank Invoice Template

Invoice is the written or post printed document used to keep the transaction between buyer and seller who sale the goods or provide different type of service. Blank invoice template normally used by small business that is not prepared in software, this prepare in Microsoft excel in which company own name mentioned along with the column of quantity and a column for rate, and one side of the paper is using for company logo. This is easiest way to extend

Sales Invoice Template

A sale invoice template is written document having the claim or record of goods or services which is sale by the vendor to buyer. Sale invoice dispatch by a person who sale goods to buyer having detail about the goods that are sold on the rate that is decide between both parties in the contract and also contain the total amount that can be claimed. Sale invoice template having the name of the vendor along with buyer name who purchase

Service Invoice Template

A printed document that’s having detail of service which is rendered by one person to other person along with the all cost that is claiming whom to service is given. A service invoice template contains the name of party along with the service which is provided and including service charges. A service contracts prepared between both parties. Service may be include the give technical skill and charge against that service like in different industry some people give repair and maintenance

Bill Invoice Template

A Bill invoice template is printed document that is issued by the buyer to seller after selling them to claim the amount of goods. Invoice or bill is the explanation of transaction between two parties. Bill having the detail of transaction, including the quantity of goods that are sale to buyer along with the total amount of goods that is calculated by seller according to terms and conditions that is defined in the sale contract. Invoice having the name of

Tax Invoice Template

A Tax invoice template issued by the person who sale the goods to buyer that is indicating the total vale of goods along with amount of General Sales Tax that is calculated with the said rate on the value of goods. Tax is calculated on the value of goods according the current rate that is defined by the government. Tax invoice having the name of buyer and seller, date of issued goods, and also having the percentage of sale tax

Commercial Invoice Template

A Commercial invoice template mostly used in foreign trade like import or export of good from other countries. This is the requirement of the customs authority to verify the actual quantity of the goods and also used for the assessment of tax or duties that is imposing on the goods that are imported. Commercial invoice explain the name of importer and exporter along with the total quantity of goods and the total value of goods dispatched and description of goods