General Label Template

A General label template is slip or paper or tag which having the information about the product in which label is affixed. General label describe the information about the product, provide information about the quality of product, define the name of manufacturer who produce that product along with the contact number and also contain the price of the product. Label is available in different type like price label, address label and wine label. Label is available in printed form that

Wine Label Template

A Wine label template is sued to communicate or covey message to general public that describe the type and origin of the wine that is served to general public. Every wine bottle have the tag or label which is describe the name of country where the wine is made and contain the information of the ingredient that are used to prepare wine. It is also having the name of company which produces that wine and the type of food that

Address Label Template

An Address label template is in printed form having the complete address of the person whom the article his dispatch and label affixed on the article. Address label is normally used to dispatch good on the right address of the person or it is used to make sure goods are dispatch on right address and received by right person. Address may be the permanent or temporary address of the said person. Along with the shipper address if goods are not posted

Shipping Label Template

A Shipping label normally affixed by the exporter of the goods that is affixed on the the container for identification of the specific goods. If merchandise of any inspection team like FDA like to inspect goods than shipping label help for identification. A shipping label contains the type of goods along with the address where the goods are dispatch. Shipping label may be containing the message of warning that goods are flame able. A shipping label may be having a

Mailing Label Template

A Mailing label is tag or printed chit having the name and address of the person or having the address of location whom to goods or packet is dispatch. Mailing label is normally affixed on the article which is transfer from one place to other. Mailing label is used for different purpose like it used to identify or verify the type of goods, or used for advertising but mailing label used to convey the right address of person who wants