Vendor List Template

A vendor list template is a list of contracted companies or group of people that supply goods or services to the business. It is also known as supplier list and format which is used is called Supplier list template. Usually the list outlines the main companies and individuals that the business or organization uses as suppliers on a routine basis. The suppliers or vendors are the heart of several organization progresses and affairs because these vendors play a vital role

Guest List Template

A Guest List template contains all details about guests, their contact numbers, names and address. It also has the details of date, day and total peoples of guest list. Guest List plays important role in the verification process of guests in special ceremonies. Serial numbers of guests tell about the total number of guests in specific time duration. It is a written proof and evidence of persons that come as guests. These lists are also very helpful in future. Peoples

Attendance List Template

An attendance List template contains important details about people to whom you want to see in your office or place. An attendance list must have a proper date section along with total strength of persons. An attendance List plays crucial role in verification process. A serial number should be posted in the right upper section of this format to match with other documents. It is used to provide proof in case of time when it is needed. It is also

Contact List Template

A Contact list template is a simple list that contains collection of screen names and numbers. This type of list is mainly used in instant messaging, e-mail programs, online games and mobile phones. Contact list template is created to use in contact network and social network to connect with people for certain purposes. Contact list can be created in an easy way because it is very simple and no hard and fast rules are required to make this list. Screening

Checklist Template

A Checklist template is the written documents that contain the point of verification that can be prepared by an individual which are considered during a specific task. This help to carry on task smoothly. Audited firm prepared a list of check list that can contain the contents which are considered during the audit of firm; these facts are verified during perform different tasks. It may be maintain by a college or university on the behavior of the students, find out

To Do List Template

To do list is the written document that can be prepared by person to make the suggestion to improvement in the specific article. It may be the list of pages that can be liked by an individual and select in to bookmark. It is the list of all the items that can be required further improvement or that are not fully accomplished. These suggestion or listed point cannot be provide for the further discussion because these point are the conclusion

Task List Template

Management prepares the list that can contain the arranged skills or techniques that are used to mange time to accomplish the different task during the defined time period. Management lists the task that can be performed during the defined period it may be prepared for the one month or one weak and assigned the time in which one task is accomplished, and management time according to every task and theses task can be completed between particular duration. It may be

Reference List Template

It is the list of books or sites from a person collect the information for particular topic. A reference list template is mostly prepared the end of the assignment in which writer explain that from which resources he take the information or data to prepare the assignment. It may be include the different type of books that are written by the different author, data is collect from the different internet sites, mentioned the name of site from information is gathered.

Price List Template

A written document contains the rate or price of goods and service that can be offered to sale by an individual. Price list can be updated according to fluctuation of the rate. A manufacture determined a retail price that can be evaluated according to demand and supply of the product in the targeted market. Price list help to customer the actual price of the item that is available for sale and price list may be provide or display items wise

Shopping List Template

Shopping list template is the written document contain detail list of item that can be purchase by an individual after particular time period. A consumer prepared or maintains a shopping list after different time period that can be he wants to purchase from the market. A Shopping list template contain all the items that are used in during a specific time period it may be include cloth, shoes and daily grocery items like foods dairy items or vegetables. An individual