Packing Slip Template

A packing list template is that which is dispatch by the shipper after loading goods on carrier and forward this list to buyer. Packing list template having detail about good, in which mention how many number of bags or quantity of goods dispatch and also contain the port name through goods are dispatch. This list mostly prepare by warehouse where the goods are packed in different bags or carton. Packing list template having the amount due from buyer is also

Coupon Template

A Coupon is look like a ticket that can be exchanged for financial discount when any individual can purchase. Discount coupon help to increase the sale or promotion of sale it is issued by the retailer or manufacturer. It can be distributed through envelop, or by mail to the customer. The customers who are price conscious used the discount coupon and claim the discount on the purchase quantity from the retailer or manufacturer. Discount coupon issued to targeted market or

Newsletter Template

A bulletin or updates forwarded or dispatch to the member of specific organization and society after certain period of time. These are normally dispatching to the subscriber of certain sites and organization it is dispatch though mail. Normally jobs agencies forward to job seeking member to update new job in which subscriber are interested. Some news latter are provided or dispatch to member of societies against this latter societies take some charges from the subscriber. These charges may be submitted

Event Ticket Template

A Ticket is a slip or entry pass or card that issued by the management of any event, like sports event or function or any other type of program, the holder of that ticket has paid a certain amount against it. Holder of the ticket or card is entitled to enter in the stadium or theater without any permission. Before any event tickets are categorized, like executive and general public and both tickets having the different prices. It can be

Sale Quotation Template

A quotation is a written statement that having the type of quantity that a business or seller along with price dispatch to buyer and then buyer reading it and if he is agree than order purchase the certain quantity from the specified seller. Sale quotation is that which dispatch by the seller to its buyer is, in which describe number of quantity dispatch to buyer on the rate that is mentioned in contract along with the type of good that

Pamphlet Template

A pamphlet template is a booklet or single page that is dispatch without the binding and cover having the marketing information about any goods or event. It may contain information and knowledge about a company or its products. It is dispatch by handed and contains information about any product or event that is happening in future dates and pamphlet paper can be distributed by hand. It is the simplest method of advertising of any new thing or product that is introduce

Executive Summary Template

An executive summary mostly use in business organization in which long report and information can be summarized in little word and statement that can be easily understand. Management can skip the excess and less important data from the report and present the meaning full data. Reader can be rapidly reaching o the conclusion because executive summary contain the comprehensive data that is related to the readers. Reader can read the summary rather read the main document and complete report. Useful

Receivable Template

A Receivable template is a professional format and its other names of trade receivable are debtor and account receivable. Receivable means money that can be accrued from any one. Trade receivable is the person or companies or business organization from which the amount is pending. This person also called the debtor in accounting terms. Many companies’ sale goods and services on credit basis to companies and money is receivable in future these companies is the debtor of that companies which

Remittance Template

A Remittance template is a format which is used to prepare remittance and its means sum of foreign money dispatch for the payment of goods and services. Foreign remittance is the process of removing obligation of an individual. A person who is working in foreign country and dispatch a sum of money through electronic networking or through bank to his family from his business or from job is called foreign remittance. Thousands of people are working in foreign in country

Booklet Template

A booklet template is like pocket book consisting on small sheets and typically with paper cover. A Booklet template is a general type of template which is suitable for printing. It’s included the paper that is used for printing different type of books. Most suitable paper is that which providing resistance against water and easy for picking. Its included different type of paper like graph paper including the quality of paper is thin thick and glossy among many other paper