Donation Receipt Template

A donation receipt template is a vital proof that a donation has been made towards some charity or an organization and is offered to the donor on the part of charity. The receipt is provided by an organization to the donor that helps the donor to get the tax deductions from the government. By using these receipts an organization can improve its finance by claiming the tax rebate on the donated amount. Normally a donation receipt template needs to have

Car Receipt Template

A car receipt template is a proof that the payment has been made by the car owner to the dealer or supplier. Generally the sellers used these receipts to ensure delivery of car to exact client on time and with the help of receipts they can make more competent bookkeeping system for the cars related to their business. The document usually shows a proof that the dealer has sold the car to the new owner and also gives a record

Acknowledgement Receipt Template

An acknowledgement receipt is a document that is used as verification for receiving some sort of goods or services from a seller or a service provider. An acknowledgement receipt template is not in real terms, a receipt. Instead it is a notification of acknowledgement by the person receiving the services or buying the products to the person providing them. Generally, the recipient of the services or the goods sign the acknowledgement receipt provided along with the invoice that states the

Medical Receipt Template

A medical receipt is a piece of document that briefs about the details for the transaction made on some sort of medical expenses. A medical receipt is usually issued when a person gets some kind of medical services in a hospital or a health facility center. These receipts cover the details for the doctor’s fee, medicines or any treatment that is referred by the doctor. Issuing the medical receipts help health care facility centers to keep a record saved in

Email Receipt Template

Email receipt is an archive that one receives while buying something online or availing some sort of online services. An email receipt is a receipt that is received through an email and you can download it and print it out later if you want. An email receipt also known as an email-receipt or an electronic receipt is a pretty common means of acknowledging that a certain amount of money has been deposited. Usually when an online purchase is made, the

Fee Receipt Template

A fee receipt is an archive that is issued as a proof when a monetary exchange has been made between two parties as a fee charge for something. A fee receipt is commonly used for some kind of institutions or organizations that provide services and in turn charge fee. These receipts are the best tools to verify that the required sum of money has been paid for the particular service availed. Educational institutes, health institutes, beauty salons, massage parlors, spas,

Car Parking Receipt Template

A car parking receipt refers to a piece of document that describes the details for the amount of money paid in a parking lot. Car parking receipts are issued by the person who is in charge for allotting parking space to people. Some people like to keep a record of all of their expenditures throughout the month, no matter how little the expenditure would be, a car parking receipt helps in maintaining the record. A car parking receipt comes in

Deposit Receipt Template

A deposit receipt is an authoritative record that addresses that a specified sum of amount has been deposited for a purchase or subscribing to some sort of services. A deposit receipt is generally utilized by monetary associations to keep a record of cash for further processing their audit and financial plans. It fills in as an authentic record that verifies some measure of money has been received from a customer by a merchant or some association. The bank or the

Itemized Receipt Template

An itemized receipt template is a document give brief insights about an exchange made by clients after some sort of administrations or items are made available to them. An itemized receipt differs greatly with the purchase receipt in a way that an itemized receipt incorporates the list of the items whereas a purchase receipt acts as a proof that an installment has been made on the purchase. Itemized receipts portray in detail every single one of the products and enterprises