Mission Statement Template

A mission statement template is a brief document that states the aims and values of an organization, company or individual. Generally it is a written declaration of an organization’s essence purpose and focus that usually remains unchanged over time. An accurately assembled mission statement act as filters to separate what is important, clearly explain which markets served and it communicate a sense of planned direction to the entire organization or company. The statement declares the company intention either for those

Witness Statement Template

A witness statement template is a formal document recording the evidence of a person and sets out what a witness says about your case. It is a summary of oral evidence that a witness will give at trial. Generally the statement start with the name of case, claim number and also state the full name, address of the witness. A witness statement template should record what the witness saw, heard or felt and it is also important to record anything

Bank Statement Template

A bank statement is a report released by banks which shows the record of balance in an account, the amount that have paid into it and withdrawn from it. Generally it is issued every month to the holder of the account. It is important for an account holder to review their bank statements carefully and keep them for their own financial records. The statement shows detailed activities in the account and it allows an account holder to see all transaction

Method Statement Template

This is the statement which shows the different methods or one method at same time. It includes brief description, type of method, alternative way, history of methodology and its applications. It can be of any type of method statement like LIFO method statement or FIFO method statement. It also contains reason and results of that specific method. Examples of methods are also very helpful if they separately mention in it. Complete study of method statement before selection of method is

Change in Equity Statement Template

Equity means capital and change in equity statement tells about all modification in equities. Business has two types of equities one is owner equity and the second is debt equity. In very rare situation business has one type of equity. This statement helps in calculation of in flow and out flow of equity. It tells about liabilities, debts and total capital. Equity also depends upon total number of issued shares. Equity contains the common and deferred shares and also debentures. This

Stock Statement Template

An Stock statement represent that a business or company kept in hand after a specified time period and also describe the future need of the organization. Stock statement template helps to evaluate to stock kept as provision. Stocks statements published at the end of defined period in which describe stock in hand for sale to customer, and provide requisition to purchase further stock, damaged or expire stock that is in hand along with the value of stock that is in

Owner Equity Statement Template

Other name of owner equity is the share holder equity. Owner equity statement present changes in the equity during an accounting period that are may be issued dividend, and retain money that is used in the organization for further investment. It may be compare with the current income and dividend and investment that is made within current period. Owner equity presents that money that is withdrawn by the owner during the accounting period and claim of the owner that is

Income Statement Template

An Income statement template shows the company revenue and expenditure of a business or organization during the specified time period. Income statement indicates how a business or organization received money from the sale of product or providing services before the expense taken out. Income statement bottom line described in the form of net profit or net loss of a organization after a specified time period. Income statement maintain in following section operating and non operating section. Every organization maintains income

Cash Statement Template

Cash a statement is that which is describing the record of the transactions of business cash inflow and cash out flow of a business or organizations and record transaction of only cash without adjusting accrued expense or incomes. In which only transactions that are directly related with the cash, like cash sale and purchase opening balance of cash on hand and received money from the debtor. A Cash statement evaluates the abilities of a organization or business to pay the

Financial Statement Template

A Financial statement are in written form that are used to maintain the day to day activities that help to generate result in profit and loss at the end of specified time period. These statements present the overall business financial position during a period. A business or organization prepares or maintain following financial statement like: income statement, balance sheet, or cash flow statement. These statement keeps the record like purchase during a certain year, sale of the organization, describe gross profit, maintain