Certificate of Origin Template

The certificate of origin template is used by companies when they’re all set to ship their products or services across the borders. Well, this certificate will be issued by the trade departments of state exclusively as a letter of permission which explain that someone has authority to trade with foreign companies for the sake of exporting or importing any goods and products within the criteria of law. Unless other things, this certificate will clearly certify that a certain company has legal rights to export or import products from foreign companies under the settled terms.

It is the exporter’s responsibility to provide the importer with a valid Certificate of Origin. These templates become a very prominent feature of today’s trading system. It certifies a shipment’s country of origin. It is commonly issued by a trade promotion office or a chamber of commerce in the exporting country. The importance of certifying the origin of goods plays a vital role in the international trade between the countries. It is one of the documents required for import clearance, duty exemptions for importing goods from certain countries based on unilateral or bilateral trade agreement between countries.

However, we can say that a certificate of origin is a formal written document which used for resolve the matters of international trades. To all appearance, the vital purpose of this certificate is to ensure that something importing or exporting from some other state has been manufactured, produced or processes by XYZ country. In like manner, this is thoroughly indicated that certificate of origin will certify the country where goods are actually produced. So, if you want to have a printable certificate of origin, then here from our website you can simply download it without paying a single penny.