Email Receipt Template

Email receipt is an archive that one receives while buying something online or availing some sort of online services. An email receipt is a receipt that is received through an email and you can download it and print it out later if you want. An email receipt also known as an email-receipt or an electronic receipt is a pretty common means of acknowledging that a certain amount of money has been deposited. Usually when an online purchase is made, the seller sends an automatic receipt through an email to the buyer that verifies the purchase. Email receipts are convenient and automatic bots make it easy to be dispatched and delivered to the buyer right away. Email receipt is a handy tool to manage your business if it involves online purchasing or taking orders online.

When looking through email receipt template list you will see: name of the template, the type of the email, whether it is a global or store associated email, subject of the email template and date when it was published or edited by you. It will be sent when your shopper purchases with a credit card and payment was authorized. It will let your customer know that you have received their payment. You can also apply a standard branding theme for your receipt. It you have multiple invoices in a batch deposit for a customer; they will easily receive one receipt PDF showing all payments received.

Email receipts can be made in various formats depending upon the company or the organization issuing them. Email receipts are usually made in a simple format but they do contain the basic components for a receipt. An email receipt starts with the name of the company or the organizing issuing it for the purchase. It also incorporates the exact amount paid for the purchase by the buyer. The date and time of the transaction may also be mentioned on an email receipt template. Since it’s an email receipt, the signatures of the seller are usually not added to it but it a seller wants, he/she can add electronic signature to it. Electronic receipt also contains the contact details of the purchaser so as to make it easy for the buyer to contact the seller.

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