Fee Receipt Template

A fee receipt is an archive that is issued as a proof when a monetary exchange has been made between two parties as a fee charge for something. A fee receipt is commonly used for some kind of institutions or organizations that provide services and in turn charge fee. These receipts are the best tools to verify that the required sum of money has been paid for the particular service availed. Educational institutes, health institutes, beauty salons, massage parlors, spas, domestic service providers which include gas, electricity, TV service providers, cleaners, etc. charge fee in return for the services they provide and issue a fee receipt. Fee receipts vary greatly when it comes to their layout and format since every organization or the institution generates fee receipts according to their own needs.

It is signed by the receiving party when a person or a company deposits the fee for a certain service. Mostly it is used for educational purposes, when student is enrolled and it is deposited in educational institution. It is used both for record keeping and other accounting and financial matters of the party. Any transaction made in terms of money must be backed by supporting documents and evidence and this receipt is that document. The basic contents of a fee receipt includes: mode of payment, amount of payment made, date and time of payment, details of the fee payer and details of the fees receiver.

Fee receipt template starts with the name of the company accompanied with their official logo placed beside the name or watermarked in the background. A fee receipt template incorporates the amount of money paid as a fee. If a number of different services are being availed then the individual cost for each can also be included in the fee receipt template. Their aggregate sum is written at the end of the listed services in the fee receipt template. Sometimes, it also includes the name of the person or the employee issuing the receipt. A fee receipt template also mentions the exact date and time at which the installment for the fee was made and it is stamped as ‘paid’ to further verify the payment. The mode of payment may or may not be additionally mentioned in the format.

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