Medical Certificate Template

The document issued by the medical professional is called a medical certificate. Well, a medical certificate is an official document which will always generate by the physician/doctor or person who dealing with patient as a medical person. Basically, this certificate will meant to state that a person has gone through some medical examination under the observation of physician. Thus, in professional life it’ll always necessary for the employees to show a proof if they want to get a leave from work. Seemingly, in educational institutes the students will also ask by the authority to show a valid medical certificate which records the facts of their medical condition.

They are issued for both illness and fitness of any person after a medical examination performed by some doctor. It is very important in several legal official matters. One special type of medical certificate known by the term “aegrotat” which refers to the sickness or illness of a person. It serves as an excuse from school or work of any student or worker respectively. Medical certificates of fitness are also very important in legal terms, for getting admission in school or college, hiring for job, getting entry in armed forces and several other situations where the fitness of the applicant matters.

In like manner, this simple certificate will usually used to serve as a proof of medical situation, yeah! It’ll explain how a person is unfit to work for stated period of time. Apart of this, medical certificate is usually noted as a well drafted document that also known as a printed sheet of form where the physician will include a bit of stuff, for instance; details of patient, title of healthcare clinic, name of doctor, details of diagnostic illness, address of physician, date of examination, current health condition, precautions for patient, signature of doctor, stamp of clinic/hospital, & a statement by the physician to certify the actual health condition of patient.