Medical Receipt Template

A medical receipt is a piece of document that briefs about the details for the transaction made on some sort of medical expenses. A medical receipt is usually issued when a person gets some kind of medical services in a hospital or a health facility center. These receipts cover the details for the doctor’s fee, medicines or any treatment that is referred by the doctor. Issuing the medical receipts help health care facility centers to keep a record saved in their data for further reference if needed in the future. These receipts help keep you a record for your time to time medical expenses and manage other expenses accordingly. Medical receipts are an important tool to assist you with your medical expenses in the future.

It is offered to every patient who visits a clinic and goes through medical services like checkup, tests and so on. It is an acknowledgement of payments that signifies an exchange of money for goods or services. It should be in US letter size. Business standard fonts should be used. It has been specifically designed to suit the needs of a medical office. If you are using it for consultation purposes, it states the purpose of the visit, the observation and so on. If not, then it simply lists all the drugs and the total amount in an organized manner.

A medical receipt template is generally made in a simple format that contains almost all of the basic elements for a receipt. Just like any other receipt, the medical receipt starts off with the name of the company issuing the receipt and their official logo printed next to the name or it can also watermarked to give it an official look. The names of the medical services availed along with the expense for the medicines or other medical equipment used for the person is listed in the medical receipt along with the exact amount of money paid for each. The medical receipt is also marked by the person filling out the details in it or the one receiving the payment for the medical expenses. The date of the issuance is likewise mentioned in the medical receipt template.

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