Packing List Template

A Packing list template is document that is dispatch by the seller to buyer after dispatching good in carrier which having the detail about the goods that are packed before loading. After loading goods on carrier packing list copy send to all parties that are link with consignment it’s including transport agencies, purchaser, government authority and customer whom to goods are dispatched. Packing list having detail about packing goods number of goods and the rate of each item is described in it. Packing list prepared by shipper of goods containing information about the product type.

A packing list template is a good safeguard against shipping incorrect goods and it can be used as further evidence to support a method of payment. These packing lists are also used by the customs broker for the clearance and to enter into the country. For an export the packing list template is should be securely attached on the outside of each shipping container so that the shippers and forwarding agents determine the total weigh and volume of the shipment. Be careful if any mistake is occurred on the packing list template it may cause a delay in clearance at the port of the destination country. Generally a the list accompanies the international shipment and it is used to inform transportation organizations about what they are moving also allow the consumer to check what has been shipped against the invoice. These packing list templates are created by the seller or shipper and sent to where the products are located in order to have an accurate tally of the transferred products.


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