Witness Statement Template

A witness statement template is a formal document recording the evidence of a person and sets out what a witness says about your case. It is a summary of oral evidence that a witness will give at trial. Generally the statement start with the name of case, claim number and also state the full name, address of the witness. A witness statement template should record what the witness saw, heard or felt and it is also important to record anything that may open up new line of inquiry in a case. The statement must intend to be signed by the maker.

There is no standard form for a witness statement template, but it should be on one side of A4 paper and be typed or neatly handwritten. One should start it with the full name, address and occupation of the person who is making the statement. One should include all the important statement about his/her employment. Like when you signed your employment contract, details of any change of duties, when you were told that you were dismissed or the last day of your work. Important interim applications may fail if the witness statement does not adequately deal with all of the issues.

Generally it is a statement that contains your own accounts of the facts relating to the issues arising in a case. Basically the major purpose of a witness statement template is to provide written evidence to support a party case that will be used as evidence in a court. The statement is the critical part of the case designed to show it in its strongest light and a copy of statement is served to the other parties before the hearing where the statement is submitted in evidence. It is very important that the statement must be in your own words so that you understand what is written in your statement and effectively reflects your account of the evidence.

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